Advanced SEO with Garry, Get More Online Traffic Today

Do you want more Leads & Traffic?
Are you struggling to build your brand and bring in customers from online channels?
If you’re here, it means you are a medium to large sized company with a limited marketing budget focused on delivering the best possible product at the most affordable price.

Struggle to build your brand and bring in organic and inbound traffic?
Thats where I come in!
Hi There:
I'm Garry and I specialise in helping small to large sized local businesses get more leads and customers from the search engines.

Whether you’re a medium or a large sized business with a limited budget but a great product or service, we may be a perfect fit.

In 2017, I launched the biggest online hobby store in Africa which gets an unbelievable amount of traffic and transactions daily. They rank #1 on Google. Grand Prix Models

In 2018, I helped a client close a total of R6.1M in sales in the steel structure fabrication industry from online channels. They rank #1 on Google. Warthog Engineering

Guess what, not a cent was spent on Ads. It was my combination of SEO and strategic Facebook posts that got the results we were looking for. 
Lets get you found by your customers
Get a fully optimized and “ Google ready” website that both crawlers and searchers will love.
Create content that is helpful, educational, keyword targeted and which will drive traffic and leads to your product or service.
Get your new content promoted on my preferred channels to increase brand exposure, site authority and search engine rankings.
"So what's the big rave about SEO?"
SEO is my preferred marketing strategy. Here's what you get!

Long Term Strategy

SEO is a long-term method of marketing which, when done correctly becomes sustainable and gives you an edge over your competition.

Free Traffic

With SEO done properly, you can bring in hundreds and thousands of targeted visitors looking for your product or service every day,  without spending a cent each time they click on your website.

Targeted and specific approach

Meet your audience exactly where you need to within your market. Educate them and get them all the way from anonymous website visitors to actual paying customers via useful, keyword targeted and optimized content.
Stop losing customers to your competitors that are investing in SEO, get found online and grow your business today!
Work With Garry
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